Wolves in the Woods

The Director

B.J. Schwartz

        While at USC, BJ has experimented in almost every genre as a writer and director.  During his first year of classes, he tried his hand at horror (“Crawlspace”), drama (“The Caregiver”), experimental filmmaking (“Stress Fracture”), and suspense (“The Surprise”).*  Calling upon his background as an improvisational comedian,

BJ has also been very active in writing scenes for production in

the multi-camera television setting (”George and Karl in

College,” “The Wrath of Who?”).

Further, BJ is finishing post-production on a tense short called “The Object” about two East German expatriates and the secret past they share. 

Current Projects

        BJ is currently working on two feature film scripts.  The first is a horror film loosely based on the Eastern European myth of the Golem.  The second is for a feature film entitled “Red Scare” -- a period thriller about three young boys who play at being spies in their small Tennessee town during the height of the McCarthy Era.  While looking for commies, the threesome stumbles onto a very real and very dangerous criminal conspiracy, but it is not what they think.  Instead of thwarting "Dirty Reds,"  the boys discover the depths of race hatred in their town and the lengths to which men will go to maintain the status quo.

BJ is also continuing to work in the vibrant world of short cinema: preparing to film an an irreverent comedy piece and an eleven minute tribute to

the Twilight Zone entitled, appropriately enough, “Eleven Minutes.”


Works to Date